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Creative Sparks Workshop

Achieving Breakthroughs with the Help of Gen AI

The evidence is mounting that individuals and organizations that use generative AI (GenAI) outperform those that don’t. We’d add that those that use GenAI out-create those that don’t. So, we’ve created an online workshop to address one of the biggest and most overlooked benefits of GenAI – using it for purposeful ideation. In our Creative Sparks workshop, we use a combination of human and GenAI-based facilitation to deliver a speed of ideation and range of ideas that would be hard to achieve (and costlier) with traditional means. And both speed and variety are important in ideation as it can be necessary to generate many ideas, in order to find a winning one. 


So bring your thorniest problems or most alluring opportunities to the workshop and see how you can use GenAI as a game-changing brainstorming partner in areas such as program design, proposal development and problem-solving. All it takes is one spark to achieve a breakthrough!


Through the workshop, you and your team will:


  • Explore a range of generative AI tools that can be used to stimulate thinking, refine ideas and venture to uncharted territories.

  • Learn how to brainstorm with GenAI – so that it enhances, rather than shuts down human ideation. 

  • Explore AI “Dos” for ethical and inspired usage of the technology.

  • Gain insight into how to prompt GenAI to get the most useful input. 

  • Build muscles for creativity and imagination – all vital modern workforce skills that will also help you reap maximum benefit from GenAI

Pricing for the workshop operates on a sliding scale.


For more information, reach out to or fill out the interest form below. 

“Ignited Word's Creative Sparks Workshop was just what our team needed to re-ignite our energy and creativity around solving some problems we were grappling with. We left inspired and equipped with new tools to support our work!”

—Laura Cansicio, Women Strong International

“The Creative Sparks Workshop has been very insightful for me and my organization. It gave me the ability to think out of the box in terms of the GenAI tools that actually exist, and also getting to understand what the tools can actually do. So thank you very much Creative Sparks.”

—Tamburai Chirume, ONEOFEACH

For more information, reach out to or fill out the interest form below. 

Want to learn more? 

Thanks for your interest! Someone will reach out to you shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions, write to us at

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