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Creative Sparks

Illuminating Ideas with the Help of Generative AI

In need of some fresh ideas to write your next grant or proposal? Or maybe you're seeking inspiration for measuring impact or designing a program? The genesis of innovation is often in the brainstorming process. With recent developments in generative AI technology, our ability to brainstorm, both independently and as a collective, has been revolutionized.  By providing a built-in thought partner and adding structure to the ideation process, generative AI allows us to tap into new ways of thinking faster than ever before. The Creative Sparks workshop is designed to help actors in the social sector harness the power of generative AI to ignite imagination and enhance creativity to ultimately foster innovation for positive change. The workshop will introduce participants to a range of generative AI tools that can be used to stimulate thinking, refine ideas and venture to uncharted territories.

Interested in the Creative Sparks Workshop?

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