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Work Samples

Black Futures

We explore the role of the imagination in transcending the current paradigms and expectations in which we, as citizens, as humans, find ourselves trapped. Inspired by our No End in Sight research, which suggests that Black income in Atlanta lags and could lag behind the income of other groups for two centuries with virtually no change, we asked ourselves, “What must change, to ensure the future of Blacks in Atlanta is radically different from the past?”

Explore our Black Futures work and No End in Sight research

WIPO's Network-Analysis Evaluation 

We conducted a social network analysis-based evaluation for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to assess the quantity and quality of relationship-building between women in their indigenous women’s entrepreneurs program. Explore the network map below or click here to open it in your browser. 

CARE's Fast and Fair COVID-19 Campaign Evaluation

At the request of CARE USA, we conducted an independent evaluation, Fighting for the Least Vaccinated, of CARE's local-to-global COVID-19 vaccine initiative. Our evaluation was focused on the global systems influence aspects of CARE's work. Several aspects of our analysis were used in CARE's overall evaluation (pictured left). We also created an impact video as an innovative synthesis of the evaluation.

With all our hearts (2).png

With All Our Hearts

What happens when organizations are driven by their own desire to learn and measure impact, rather than by donor mandates to do so? We set out to explore this question and found out that it strikes right at the heart of power relations in the international development sector. Click here to read more. 

Women Engaged Impact Report

In order to celebrate seven years of promoting civic engagement, reproductive justice, and women, femmes, and girls' leadership, Women Engaged commissioned us to create this impact report. 

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