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About Ignited Word

Human creativity is boundless. Our mission is to set it free for the greater good. 


We’re an intrepid, inventive, Black-owned, woman-led firm that loves to work on tough assignments and believes creativity is the answer to many ills.

Our Vision

We envision a social sector that is abundantly creative and fearlessly imaginative, for the betterment of people and planet.

Our Mission

As creativity is the precursor to innovation, our mission is to bring organizations multi-disciplinary power tools that help them tap their creativity, stand out, and maximize their impact.

Like some vast warehouse of seeds, the world is filled with potential ideas that could germinate into improved societal conditions—if we stirred our imaginations. At Ignited Word, we believe in the power of human creativity and seek to help organizations draw it out for greater justice and social and environmental good. We help our clients not only with ideation—that initial burst of light that illuminates new possibilities—but with the long-haul work of bringing envisioned realities to life. Oftentimes, there cannot be ideation without knowledge and so we help clients start from the beginning—understanding the landscape through research and inquiry. 

To ensure that we are bringing the most powerful combinations of concepts, tools and expertise to our clients, we are intellectually omnivorous and consume content from across disciplines and functions, including organizational learning and development, research, literature, systems work, sociology, and technology. In addition, we create our own tools and methods. This is because social issues are by nature marvelously complex, and a wide repertoire and unusual combinations of approaches achieve greater results, while bringing some measure of delight and ease. 

​We strive to foster wholeness in people and organizations and believe that creativity heals, restoring to people a sense of purpose and connectedness with their inner genius. 


We work with clients of all sizes and have a healthy respect for both the clout and scale of larger organizations as well as the bravery and inventiveness of grassroots organizations.

Our Key Services

With an arc of services from research to storytelling to ideation, we focus on helping clients maximize their impact and stand out as thought leaders.

Visit our services page to learn more about our work. 

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