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Exploring Demand-Driven Learning

What is bottom-up or demand driven learning?

It is an approach to organizational learning that is led by frontline staff and the populations they work with.They define what should be assessed, making the learning process more contextually relevant and responsive, especially in dynamic situations where more top-down approaches may fall short.

Use our guiding questions with your team or organization to explore whether a
demand-driven MEL approach is right for you.

Monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) can be a drag when it's only about following donors' checklists. But what if teams and organizations and the populations they serve could do MEL on their own terms, based on what they actually want to learn? That would be a breath of fresh air! Furthermore, this type of approach works the creative muscles that organizations need if they are to thrive in a turbulent future. Fortunately, many donors actually welcome this approach!

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