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Poetry for the Other Brain

Think of your waking consciousness as the surface crust of your mind, (the rational mind), and your subconscious as the ocean, a huge, watery sub-environment, (the non-rational mind).  Eureka moments, new understandings, and the opening of locked doors happen when we purposefully dive into our non-rational minds.  Over many millennia of human history, and even today among the most rational fields of endeavor, it is recognized that the greatest leaps of insight and wisdom emerge from, often erupt from, the non-rational part of our brains—our hearts. There's no greater known food for the heart than poetry. Dive in.

"Darkness to the intellect but sunshine to the heart "


—Frederick W Faber 

For Solidarity with the Oppressed

For Solidarity with the Oppressed

Rise up and be born with me, brother.

From the deepest reaches of your disseminated sorrow, give me your hand. 

You will not return from the depths of the rock. 

You will not return from subterranean time. 

Look at me from the depths of the earth, 

plowman, weaver, silent shepherd:

tender of the guardian guanoacos:

mason of the impossible scaffold


Show me your blood and your furrow,

say to me: here I was punished

because the gem didn't shine or the earth 

didn't deliver the stone or the grain on time:


I come to speak through your dead mouth.

Through the earth unite all

The silent and split lips

and from the depths speak to me all night long

as if we were anchored together,

tell me everything, chain by chain, 

link by link and step by step, 


Come to my veins and my mouth. 
Speak through my words and my blood.

Glass Hand

—From Heights of Macchu Picchu: XII by     Pablo Neruda

For Celebrating Human Resilience

For Celebrating Human Resilience

My mother will leave me her mother's deep-black cast-iron skillet someday. 


I will fry okra in it

weigh my whole life on its black handle,

lift it up to feel a people in my hand. 


My mother made her body crooked

all her life to afford this little wooden blue house.

I want her green thumbs

wound around a squash's neck

to be wound around my wrist

telling me to stay longer. O what she grew with the dust

dancing in blue hours. What will happen to her body

left in the ground, to the bodies in the street,

the uncles turned to ash on the fireplace mantels, 

the cousins we've misplaced?

How many people make up this wound?

No one taught my mother how to bring us back to


life, so no one taught me. 

O what we gather and O Lord

bless what we pass on. 

Rainbow Light Art

—From Inheritance by Tyree Daye

For Understanding Racial Strife

For Understanding Racial Strife

—From Wise by Amiri Baraka

If you ever find

yourself, somewhere lost

and surrounded

by enemies

who won’t let you

speak in your own language

who destroy your statues

& instruments, who ban

you omm bomm ba boom

then you are in trouble

deep trouble

they ban your

own boom ba boom

you in deep deep trouble



probably take you several hundred years

to get



For Environmental Justice

For Environmental Justice

We have a beautiful


Her hills

are buffaloes

Her buffaloes


We have a beautiful


Her oceans

are wombs

Her wombs


We have a beautiful


Her teeth

the white stones

at the edge

of the water

the summer


her plentiful


We have a beautiful


Her green lap


Her brown embrace


Her blue body


we know

- From Her Blue Body Everything We Know by

  Alice Walker

Earth and Space
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