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Maximizing Impact

"My stars are tucked in my pocket,
ready for battle. If we flood

the streets with salt water, we can
flood the sky with wings."

—Tamiko Beyer

Why, despite our best efforts, do some of the social and environmental problems we seek to address remain so defiantly entrenched? Are we trying to level a haystack of a problem using tweezers or are we making quantitatively meaningful changes? There is simply no one solution, no one model that can defeat tough social and environmental problems. As a creativity-focused firm, we help organizations free their creative capacities to address multi-faceted problems, while also helping them identify power tools for maximizing their impact. Some of these tools include cross-sector coalitions and networks, applying a systems viewpoint, and properly assessing the scale and trajectory of the problem. Read more here.

Network Mapping

One of our favorite tools for understanding systems and strengthening collective impact is network mapping and analysis. When stakeholders can see the often invisible threads that connect people and institutions and that mediate the flow of resources and information, they can work better together.

While a work in progress, this map of collaboration among Food Systems Actors in Metro Atlanta can be used to explore relationships. Have additions or corrections for the map? Need a mapping project of your own done? Contact us at

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