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Are you targeting the right talent to advance a culture of learning and creativity?

Reading the tea leaves, we believe that organizations that have a bottom-up, demand-driven learning culture that empowers staff to be creative, will be most likely to thrive in the turbulent days ahead. And believe it or not, the process of establishing such a culture can begin with a job posting. But did you know that despite their best intentions, organizations often don't seek the right candidate attributes for such a role?

We believe that organizational learning should be magnetic, exuding an almost irresistible force that compels organizations to embrace change, adapt and flourish; and the right candidate will help make it so. Don’t leave it to chance, assess the quality of your job description with our self-assessment tool. 

How'd your job description
measure up?

Tally up your points and see how you scored: 

0 - 9

Go back and rethink the job description

10 - 14

You're on the right track

15 - 20

Wow! Your job description is super magnetic!

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