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Ignited Word

Imagination Creates Impact

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Like a brave flame flickering on a gusty night, teams and organizations trying uncommon approaches to social good face greater-than-usual challenges. Ignited Word brings them multi-disciplinary power tools to help them tap their creativity, stand out, and maximize their impact. 


Malaika Cheney-Coker is a unicorn in the field of her expertise. Applying top-shelf listening and engagement skills, I have experienced Malaika’s unique ability to absorb complex problem sets and sort out what matters most in determining how an organization can apply its skillsets, know-how and networks to solutions. Malaika worked with us at Northwest Harvest to establish a theory of action that perfectly translated our goals to reduce hunger to strategies that can drive change. Further, Malaika is a warm, dynamic, and powerful communicator who enables uptake of her ideas. Malaika is a co-creator and is generous with her time and talents. We will continue to partner with Ignited Word and with Malaika because we are deriving great value out of our collaboration.

THOMAS REYNOLDS, CEO, Northwest Harvest

Malaika Cheney-Coker has the rare ability to listen to people from all over the world, and hear what they are saying from their perspectives, rather than hers.  She is a synthesizer, she is eloquent, and she has great organizational skills--the last of these traits seems rare among those with the first two.  She is also just fun to work with.

RICHARD GREEN, Chair, Department of Real Estate Development, University of Southern California

Malaika has an elite level of ability to get a sense of the gravitas of a time, a vision, and the words and opportunity to bring that together to optimize them. She also has an exceptional ability to bring people together to accomplish more than they ever could alone.

PATRICK KELLEY, Vice President, Habitat for Humanity's Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter

"Malaika brings the unique capacity to combine rigorous analysis and research with a gift for storytelling. She is a terrific, thoughtful practitioner with exceptional skills, depth, and truly the ability to ignite a project or program."


"Malaika is brilliant – strategic, thoughtful and a powerful communicator. She can take complexity and distill it to something beautifully said and crystal clear. She is a synthesizer – but also able to inspire change by not just summarizing but truly articulating new (and not obvious) value." 

DAR VANDERBECK, Former Chief Innovation Officer, CARE USA


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