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Authentic Storytelling Workshop

The creative process does not rely on one single breakthrough idea or act but also on gradually bringing the idea to life through persuasion, co-creation and iteration. Stories and metaphors are powerful tools for building influence, articulating vision, strengthening common understanding and communicating complex ideas.  Ignited Word can help your team identify and or create  stories and metaphors of influence. These can be particularly useful for complex change processes and norm-breaking initiatives and for building common values. 

The three types of story workshops offered are:

'Who We Are' 

These stories build pride and camaraderie and help to identify, consolidate and communicate a shared identity for your organization or team.

'Where We've Been,
Where We're Going'

In times of significant change, this exercise can mine the strengths of the past while dismantling its limitations and allowing for the embracing of a new direction.

'How We Work'

These stories convey skills and approaches as well as the purpose underlying the work. They can be used as part of training and orientation programs. 

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