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Impact &
Social Assets Reports 
Impact Reports

Perhaps a child, or three, or two hundred and three, is less afraid of growing up because of you. Perhaps renters facing eviction stayed in their homes a little longer because of you — long enough to get their businesses or "side hustles" off the ground, one of which, in turn, gave struggling teens a place to get life advice. 

No doubt, your organization does amazing work—and you'd like to attract the recognition and resources that would enable it to do more of this work. An outstanding impact report can help. But creating one is not just a matter of listing numbers of those reached or sharing some stories of those whose lives you've touched. As in filmmaking, where story, image, acting, and music must come together in just the right way, several elements work together to create a strong impact report. These include asking the right questions so that you can powerfully convey outcomes rather than outputs; explaining how you are applying approaches that reliably lead to impact; and highlighting learning and innovation. Beautiful language that conveys your work's uniqueness always helps. 

By bringing together our expertise in impact measurement, programming, organizational learning, innovation, and storytelling, Ignited Word can be your partner in creating a one-of-a-kind impact report that is sure to draw positive attention. Contact us for packages and pricing. 


Social Assets Reports

Inspired by assets-based thinking and the Assets, Capacity, Trust framework for evaluation, Ignited Word offers social assets reports. These reports shift the focus of measurement away from tallies of activities conducted and towards ideas, local resources, commitment, relationships and other assets which community-focused organizations care most about, and which are necessary for lasting results. Contact us for more information and for pricing.

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