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More magic, less drudgery.

Most people in the social sector enter this line of work to help build something magical; say, something that brings a longer, happier life to someone. Or that helps heal our beleaguered planet. But along the way, the day-to-day imposes its reality of managing grants and projects, prospecting, and attending to donor requirements. Creativity restores some of the magic, even for those who find their work deeply rewarding, making it possible to achieve more results, with more joy.

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How can we help? 

Facilitating Conversations

Explore your teams current mindsets and expectations surrounding creativity and imagination with a conversation facilitated by us.

Creative Sparks Workshop

The genesis of innovation is often in the brainstorming process. Now, with recent developments in generative AI technology, our ability to brainstorm, both independently and as a collective, has been revolutionized. The Creative Sparks workshop is designed to help actors in the social sector harness the power of generative AI to ignite our imagination and enhance creativity to ultimately foster innovation for positive change.

Wondering Where to Start?

Check out 'From Roads to Air', our resource designed to help you and your team reboot your minds for creativity. 

"Aiming straight for innovation without developing the imaginative and creative powers on which it depends, would be like an athlete hoping to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games but with no intention of exercising beforehand."


— Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

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