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Creativity Culture-Building

Picture this: a workplace crackling with sharp, original ideas. They are the kind of ideas that bring a surge of energy and motivation and open up new areas of growth. People listen keenly to each other in meetings and exclaim how much they like the other person's thinking. Together, teams conceive of something great. Then they go to work to bring it to life, applying problem-solving wizardry and everyday creativity to project-manage, fundraise, and more.

This is the aspiration of a culture where all are encouraged to be creative on a regular basis, where all learn how to work together to solve "wicked" problems. It starts with a regular practice of creativity. Instead of one-off ideation sessions, think of this practice as a whispering door, beckoning you to the imaginative part of your mind; a door that wants to be left open.

Wondering where to start?

"Aiming straight for innovation without developing the imaginative and creative powers on which it depends, would be like an athlete hoping to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games but with no intention of exercising beforehand."


— Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

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